Von Baron Music

Welcome to the FUN in learning to DRUM!™

Drumming is actually easy! With our online learning center DRUMMING4LIFE.COM you’ll be playing drums and music faster than you probably thought possible. Take a shortcut to the drumming skills you need to play the music you want to play. This is the FUN in learning to DRUM!

+ Enjoy hearing and feeling yourself play drums
+ Learn what you really need to know to play any song or style of music you desire
+ Enjoy fun, comfortable and concise instruction videos
+ Progress painlessly through skill levels
+ Strengthen your drumming with easy-to-follow PDF handouts and practice songs
+ Improve your coordination and musical sense.
+ Go at your own pace at home or any location you choose
+ Affordable, commitment-free monthly subscription
+ Email support for student questions or clarification
+ Enjoy the first 11 lessons for free

If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to dig in and have fun on the drums, then let’s get going Rock Star! Let’s start your journey toward DRUMMING4LIFE!


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