Happiness Is Really About Relationships

Brandon was honorably discharged from the Navy and is now on his way to Berklee College of Music to pursue his drumming dreams!

This is the month when several of my drum students head of to college. What a journey watching them grow up! They are all very fine human beings (and drummers!) and the kind of people you would want to know. Three are heading to Boston. Two to Berklee College of Music and another Boston College to study business. Another student heads to Arlington Texas to study music in a week and still another has moved back to Australia to pursue graphic design. I am so very proud of all of them as they have demonstrated the most important facet of success, persistence.

photo 1
Brooke just graduated from high school and is now on her way to Berklee to pursue her music dreams!

With each passing year of teaching drums, I have a chance to reflect on my graduating students and have found that the older they become the more we become friends.  When I was young and inexperienced in life, I used to think happiness was all about making money and buying things. The older I became, the more I realized it is really about the relationships I have with those around me. My family, friends and those I support, nurture and inspire through Von Baron Music.  Just having the opportunity to share my love of drumming with many students each week brings immeasurable joy into my life. Seeing them grow up and move on toward their dreams excites me for how they are going to change the world in very positive ways.

photo 2
Nelson just graduated from high school and is on his way to Boston College to study Business with the future dream of managing a successful Rock band!

I have included some photos in this blog and started a new tradition to snap a picture with graduating students before they departed for their educational destination.  I stay in touch with most of my students and offer an ear, moral support or advice whenever they need it. It’s a unique opportunity I have to build relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. You see, in the end it’s more than just teaching Paradiddles and drum rolls, it’s nurturing bonds that will give us great happiness for years to come.  I hope you too are able to establish and nurture those connections and create a foundation of happiness to last throughout your life!

photo 3
Taylor just graduated from high school and will pursuing her drumming dreams at the University of Texas at Arlington!