Playing Good Music Is Like Playing In The Sandbox

November 30, 2013 Von Baron Show Website Poster

Aloha and I hope you are having a wonderful week! In our life, we meet people who seem to show up for a specific purpose. Maybe it’s to teach us something we need to learn or help us move to the next chapter of our lives. One particular musical group has both taught and nurtured me on my life’s path, the Honolulu Jazz Quartet (HJQ). Being together for 12 years tells you a lot about the character and intentions of someone. Let me say a few words about my friends and musical mentors in HJQ.

John Kolivas (bassist-to the right of me in the poster above) is someone I respect greatly not only for his huge, solid bass sound but also for his big heart. Having gone through the trials of cancer not once but twice with both his wife and his daughter in recent years, I have watched how he supported his family through all that they endured. I also saw how his passion for music got him through some very difficult times. It’s with this passion that he has lead HJQ for more than a decade and I am more proud than ever to be a part of this group on both deeply personal and musical levels.

When Tim Tsukiyama (saxophonist-to the left of me in the poster above) and I roomed together on our HJQ West Coast tour, we learned a lot about each other.  What I came to learn about Timmy, is not only that he loves good Mexican food and diet soda, but that he is one of the most genuine and generous people I have ever met.  He has seen me through some very challenging times in my life and through it all, always got me laughing and helping me realize that this too shall pass. His warm and expressive saxophone styling is a trademark part of the HJQ sound.

Yeahhhhhhhh! The first time I met Dan Del Negro (pianist-far left in the poster above) I thought he was a cool dude. He is always so laid back and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He just goes with the flow and there is a lot I have learned from observing his style. Becoming a teacher of higher consciousness, Dan truly embodies the notion that your life is what you make of it. Dan completes the rhythm section of HJQ with his smooth swinging feel on the keys locking in with John and I to take the groove to another level.

So playing good music is like playing in the sandbox when you are a kid. Play with whom you have the most fun, share your toys and create something bigger together than you could do on your own. In HJQ we do this with every performance and each album we record because we really like to play together. And hey, I always tell them, they can play my drums anytime they feel like it!

We will be performing music from my three albums on Saturday November 30th at 7:30pm in the wonderful Doris Duke Theater in Honolulu, HI. I have arranged my “New Age Music On Steroids” for a Jazz quartet creating a fresh new sound and a very special evening. The Doris Duke Theater is located in the Honolulu Museum (formerly Honolulu Academy of Arts) and the entrance is on Kinau Street.  Please click the poster at the top or here to reserve your tickets. I’m so looking forward to seeing you at the show!

In Peace,