Let’s Make Some Noise!


Hey it’s Kapono Beamer! I was in a recording session with he and Gerhard Narholz from Sonoton at Island Sound Studios. It’s always so wonderful to work with Kapono. In addition to his musical gifts, he is a warm and positive person and an incredible real estate agent! You can also see Bryan Tolentino in the background on Ukulele. He was tearing it up!


Here I am with Kapono and Gerhard Narholz at the console. Gerhard is the owner of Sonoton Music in Munich, Germany and gets my music placed in multi-media projects around the globe. Such a gifted man in both music and business. We were recording tracks to arrangements of songs that he and Kapono had put together.


My dear friend and mentor Noel Okimoto was also on the session playing mallet percussion and other hand percussion. Always a real professional and an inspiration to work with!


Bryan Kessler warming up for the session. I don’t get to work with this guy enough. I am always impressed with his 6-string skills!


Woah! So many basses and only two hands. You do the math! Yes Dean Taba is a genius. Groovy and fun to play with as usual!


Yaaaa, you know what I’m sayin’? The ever positive Dan Del Negro aka “The One Take Wonder.” I think I’ve only heard him hit 3 wrong notes in the 14 years I’ve been playing with him!


Here I am with Gaylord Holomalia of Island Sound Recording Studio who is also from the world famous band Kalapana. He did a superb job of engineering our session!


Yours truly sitting in my favorite chair!


A little plug 🙂


Built by the Avex Record Company in Japan some years ago, this space is incredible with suites like a hotel. Recently Dr. Dre and his crew laid down some tracks here.


Wow what a view!

And they have a foosball table!

And they have a foosball table! Noel and Dean were clearly in a league of their own. I wasn’t about to get in the middle of that match!

Many thanks to my drum student and LMU student Cameron Kuwada for swapping bass drums with me for my recording session!

Many thanks to my drum student and LMU student Cameron Kuwada for swapping bass drums with me for my recording session!


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