4 Bass Drum Pedals to Power Up Your Playing

As a drummer, bass drum pedals are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your kit. A solid bass drum pedal can help you play with more speed, precision, and power.

In this blog post, I’ll explore four popular single bass drum pedals for drummers that I have played, including the one that I own, the Yamaha Direct Drive Single Pedal. 

I play one of the most popular bass drum pedals, the Yamaha Direct Drive pedal.

DW 9000 Series Bass Drum Pedals

The DW 9000 Series Pedal is one of the most popular bass drum pedals out there and for good reason.

It has a double chain drive, to give you a smooth and responsive feel.  The pedal also has an adjustable cam (the metal part that the chain wraps around), which allows you to customize the tensioning to your taste.

The DW 9000 Series Pedal is incredibly durable and built to last.  Most importantly though, you can use this kick pedal for playing any style of music. 

It’s durability and versatility have long made it a favorite among professional drummers around the World.  If I know the DW 9000 kick pedal is going to be at the club, I won’t even bring my own pedal with me to the gig! 

One of most popular bass drum pedals in drumming history.

Pearl P-932 Demonator

The Pearl P-932 Demonator is another great option for drummers who want a high-quality responsive pedal for any style of drumming.

It has a longboard footboard (slightly longer than normal foot pedals), which provides a comfortable and stable playing experience for drummers of different foot sizes.

The pedal also has a two-position beater, which allows you to switch between a felt or plastic beater depending on your playing style. In Jazz drumming we usually use felt bass drum beaters but if you’ll be hitting harder, this beater option comes in handy.

Tama Speed Cobra 910

The Tama Speed Cobra 910 is a high-end pedal that is also designed for speed and precision. Like the Pearl Demonator, it features a long footboard with the addition of a lightweight cam.

The lighter cam lets you to play lightning-fast. The pedal also has a unique Cobra Coil system, which adds extra spring to the pedal for increased power and speed.

The Tama Speed Cobra 910 is a favorite among Metal and Hard Rock drummers. It’s not one I would recommend for Jazz drumming but I think it’s always good to know what options are out there for other styles too. 

Yamaha Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedals

The Yamaha Direct Drive Pedal is a high-quality pedal designed for fast and responsive playing. The pedal uses Yamaha’s patented Direct Drive System.  It literally feels like your foot is floating when you play.

The pedal also has a long footboard and a low-profile design, which allows you to play with more speed and control. The Yamaha Direct Drive Single Pedal is a favorite among drummers who play Jazz, Fusion, and other genres that require fast and precise playing.

Personally, I use an older model of this pedal and it feels so good playing singles, doubles or even triples.  It’s also great for playing very quiet bass drum strokes at my Jazz gigs. 

I’ve had mine for over 10 years and never had any mechanical issues. It’s still going strong! 

Yamaha has always made great bass drum pedals.


Choosing the right bass drum pedal is a pretty important decision for any drummer. The DW 9000 Series Pedal, Pearl P-932 Demonator, Tama Speed Cobra 910, and Yamaha Direct Drive Single Pedal are all popular options that provide a smooth, comfortable, and responsive playing experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer, these pedals are a soldi buy for now and into the future.  Getting a good bass drum pedal is a solid investment in your drumming and your success. 

With these bass drum pedals, you’ll be kicking out the beats like a pro!

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