Private Drum Lessons

“I teach drums to bring more FUN into your life.”  -Von Baron

We canʻt put into words how grateful we are that you continue to inspire and motivate
our son. We feel extremely blessed to have you in our lives!  -Taryn S.

I love to teach drums!*

When I am instructing students, there is no place I’d rather be on Earth than right there in the moment supporting and nurturing their drumming dreams.  In over 10 years of teaching hundreds of students, I have discovered one common trait every student brings to her or his first lesson; that we all have a dream. For some of us it is to learn a musical instrument so we can play with friends, family or even to pursue a professional career in music.

Whatever your reason for visiting my drum lessons page, I invite you to explore here, all that I believe your music instruction experience can be.  We must have the F-U-N.  in music and especially drumming.  I feel that if there’s no FUN, there’s really no reason to play music. This is why, I always teach students in a positive, enjoyable and supportive manner.

My breakthrough instructional approach, is based on the latest brain research allowing students to learn faster and easier than with other more traditional instrument instruction methods. The most important reason for student success by far is that my drum lessons are always FUN and relaxed. In addition to lessons being really fun, students improve quickly in their drumming ability through a diverse instruction method that includes learning Drum Rudiments, Essential Drum Grooves, Student and Teacher Selected Songs, Advanced Coordination Exercises, Playing with Music Charts, Performing with Professional Musicians (Face-to-Face lessons), Specialized Workshops, Student Recitals and Other Performance Opportunities (Face-to Face lessons). On the average, I find that most of my students continue in lessons with me for 2-3 years making great progress in their drumming abilities.

What to expect with my lessons:

I call my approach to teaching, “The Shortcut to FUN.” This is because I will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to improve very fast. I have been performing nearly every style of contemporary music professionally for 25 years. From live performances to the recording studio, I have identified the most important elements every drummer needs to know. Some of these elements are listed below:

Learn These Styles and Important Elements of Drumming With Von Baron:

Styles of drumming: Jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Pop, Rock, Funk, R & B, Blues, Hip-Hop, Calypso/Soca, New Orleans 2nd Line, Reggae, Country, and Brushes in any style among others.

Other Important Elements: Proper drumming technique to avoid injury and maximize fun, beginning to advanced coordination exercises, reading drum notation and rhythms, chart reading and drum chart creation, playing any groove in odd meters, metric modulation, drum transcription, drum tuning, coaching while playing with other musicians (via Video Exchange) and many other areas!

Learn Drums Online With Von Baron

I have studied a great deal on how we learn. One of the most important factors in learning, is for students to feel relaxed, supported and comfortable as they acquire new skills. When we are relaxed, all of the learning centers in our brains open up allowing us to learn things fast.  Whether in person (for students residing in Honolulu, HI) or at DRUMMING4LIFE.COM, I will strive to help you feel comfortable so you can learn new drumming concepts and skills quickly.  Through this process you will definitely feel increased levels of FUN which will in turn motivate you to practice and learn more.

The “P” word, Practice:

If you ask most people “What does practice make?” what do they usually say? “Perfect.”  Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there is no such thing as perfection.  The reason we practice drums and strive to grow and learn on our instrument is so that we can have fun! The more we can do on the drums, the more fun we will have especially in playing music with others. This is the reason we practice and whether we are 5 years old or 80 years old, the “fun” is what we are working toward.

So I won’t be disappointed if you don’t practice.  I will simply encourage you to practice so you don’t miss out on the fun. When students begin to see their improvement from lesson to lesson, they find the internal motivation to practice without others or myself pressuring them to do so. This works every time!

My 2 Rules for Drumming and Life:

  1. Don’t hurt yourself or anyone else
  2. Play what makes the music sound great

I’m not a big fan of lots of rules in drumming but these two, I feel are the most important. If we follow these, we will always be happy playing drums.

Rule #1: The technique I will teach you will help you to avoid repetitive stress injuries like tendinitis and carpal-tunnel syndrome. These can spell the death of music performance hopes and dreams and they are completely unnecessary. Ear protection is also a must and I have a policy when I teach, “No plugs (ear plugs), no play.”

Rule #2: This means that we have to always put the music first. Many times as beginning drummers we think we have to play everything that comes into our mind as we perform. “Let me try that new paradiddle drum lick.” and we end up playing it 17 times in 8 measures! That’s serving ourselves first instead of listening to what’s going on around us and really trying to make everyone sound great.

I have many other “Von-isms” that I will share in lessons and I am looking forward to sharing them with you! Thanks so much again for stopping by and please let me know how I can support your drumming dreams! 🙂 -Von

*At the moment I am not taking referrals for new private drum students. I apologize for the inconvenience and please visit DRUMMING4LIFE.COM for my online drum lessons and enjoy these benefits and features:

+ Enjoy hearing and feeling yourself play drums

+ Learn what you really need to know to play any song or style of music you desire

+ Enjoy fun, comfortable and concise instruction videos

+ Progress painlessly through skill levels

+ Strengthen your drumming with easy-to-follow PDF handouts and practice songs

+ Improve your coordination and musical sense.

+ Go at your own pace at home or any location you choose

+ Affordable, commitment-free monthly subscription

+ Email support for student questions or clarification

+ Enjoy the first 11 lessons for free

Please feel free also to email me at with questions, comments or for additional information.