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For a lot less than it costs to go to a movie on Friday night, I can teach you how to reinvent your life. With my book Gifted: 6 Powerful Steps to Live the Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine, you can master my potent life-transforming technique called Dream Setting.

While living in Hawaii in 2010, I created and used Dream Setting. Within just a few months, I left a low-paying government job and built a very successful music teaching and performance business…And, I still use Dream Setting every day to grow my music career in Japan where I now live. Check me out on Facebook to see what I’m talking about.


When my family and I relocated three years ago, I knew only 3 people in Japan’s music industry. Today I have a network of hundreds of musicians, booking agents, recording studios and club owners. I am busy performing, recording and teaching nearly every week of the year with dozens of groups and hundreds of musicians all over Japan. This didn’t happen by luck, it happened with Dream Setting.

Oh, and by the way, I also didn’t know much Japanese when I moved here in 2016. I used Dream Setting to help me acquire a new language too! I’ll have an e-book version of Gifted in Japanese available by mid 2020. 😉

Dream Setting has just 6 steps to make HUGE changes in your life. Gifted is a self-improvement book that CLEARLY explains how to make ANY positive change to your life no matter the size. Improving health or finances, pursuing hobbies, changing careers, improving family relations and starting your own business are some areas I cover in my book.

The real icing on the cake is this; while you follow the 6 steps and you start to see and feel your life transform, you’ll be making our world more peaceful, happy, healthy and sustainable for everyone.

For environmental reasons, I released Gifted only in e-book and audio book format through these retailers:

E-Book: Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and iBooks

Audio Book: iBooks and Audible.com.

Check out the samples above. Get the book and shoot me an email with any questions. REALLY, SEND ME THAT EMAIL! vonbaron@vonbaronmusic.com You can’t have something you’ve never had until you do something you’ve never done!

Von Baron is a professional entertainer and composer living in the metropolitan Kobe area of Japan.

金曜の夜に映画へ行くよりも安上がりで、あなたはもっと楽しく充実した人生の送り方を学ぶことができます。「Gifted:6 Powerful Steps to Live the Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine(才能:あなたが望む一番素晴らしい人生にする為の6つの強力なステップ)」は、”ドリームセッティング(夢設定)”と呼ぶ私の強力な人生向上テクニックをマスターすることができます。













電子書籍(e-book): Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, iBooks.

オーディオブック: iBooks, Audible.com.




−Von Baronは日本・神戸近辺在住のプロエンターテイナー、作曲家である。−

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Gifted Testimonials

I was going through a rough patch in my life and was agonizing over moving to another state.  I spoke to Von and he suggested I read his book “Gifted.”  What a gift it was!!!   Von’s book made me analyze my life in a completely refreshing way and it gave me the clarity I needed to see through the negativity in my life.  I leave for Washington next month!   If there is one gift to give yourself, it is this book.  Your life will change for the better!

-Arlene F.

This is the best book that I have ever read on goal setting. Held your interest and was concise and clearly written. I would love to attend one of his seminars after reading this book!

-Teresa W.

Not only is Gifted easy and quick reading, but I felt like you were talking to me!  You don’t belabor your ideas but instead say it and move on to the next.  I like that!  I’m probably like most folks with a super busy life.  You hooked me in and I’m already thinking about how I might take my family thru this process and share it with friends.  I can’t wait to sit down and do the fun work!  Your book instills a confidence in the process and myself!

-Keri S.


-Arlene F.

-Teresa W.

-Keri S.