“Gifted” teaches how to discover and use your gifts to live a deeply rewarding and fulfilling life.

New life. new world. now.

Gifted audio book sample:

Aloha! My name is Von Baron and I’m a professional drummer who almost gave up drumming. After years of music school and countless hours of practice, I sat across the desk from the top orthopedic surgeon in Boston listening to him describe the damage I had done to my forearms playing drums. He basically told me that at age 22, my drumming career was over.

It was a dark time for sure. Becoming a professional drummer was my life dream and my life suddenly seemed hopeless. Fast forward 26 years, over 10,000 drum lessons taught and thousands of performances later, here I am still playing drums!! As it turned out, drumming was my gift, my destiny, and all I needed was some rest, better drumming technique and the help of a skilled massage therapist. It was a very challenging experience but I believe it planted the seed for my book “Gifted: 6 Powerful Steps to Live the Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine.

I actually wrote Gifted years later while living in Hawaii in 2010, and it was my answer to significant challenges I was facing at that time. I was searching for a way to make some big improvements in my quality of life. At first, I learned goal setting and found it to be very useful. Even so, goal setting had its limitations as I found myself unable to maintain my motivation and follow through on my most important goals.

I started thinking instead, about another way I could maintain my motivation; use my gifts. I defined a Gift as “Something I’m good at that makes me and other people happy when I use it.” I discovered that I had many gifts including, of course, drumming. I then combined my gifts with a vision for what I wanted to experience with my life which I called my Dream. Finally, I aligned my goals with my Dream and voilà, Dream Setting and the idea for my book was born! Using Dream Setting gave me the motivation I needed to make those big changes in my life.

Only a few months after I started using Dream Setting, I quit my low-paying government job and started a full-time business in drum instruction and music performance. From the beginning, my focus was on how I could really improve the lives of my students, fellow musicians and music fans through my gift of drumming. As a result, my business grew quickly and became greatly rewarding both financially and personally.

I was also able to use Dream Setting in my personal life. For example, I decided to use Dream Setting to find a life partner and a few weeks later, my wife came into into my life. Shortly after our daughter was born in Hawaii, we decided to try a change of scenery and set our sights on living in Japan.

When my family and I relocated three years ago from Hawaii to Japan, I knew only 3 people in Japan’s music industry. Today I have a network of hundreds of musicians, booking agents, recording studios and club owners. I am performing, recording and teaching every week of the year with dozens of groups and hundreds of musicians all over Japan. This didn’t happen by luck, it happened with Dream Setting. Please take a minute to check out my Instagram profile at the link just below this paragraph. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

I also didn’t know much Japanese when I moved here in 2016. I used Dream Setting to help me acquire a new language too! Incidentally, I’ll have an e-book version of Gifted in Japanese available by the Summer of 2020. 😉 Since 2010, I have used Dream Setting for everything I wanted to change or accomplish. Dream Setting is the reason I am living a fulfilling life today and every day.

Dream Setting has just 6 steps to make small, medium or HUGE changes in your life. Gifted is a life-improvement book yes, and it CLEARLY explains how to make ANY positive change to your life no matter the size. Improving health or finances, pursuing hobbies, changing careers, improving family relations and starting your own business are some areas I touch on in my book.

Change the World

I want to share with you the most BEAUTIFUL thing about Dream Setting. While you follow the 6 steps and you start to see and feel your life change in about 3 weeks, you’ll be making our world more peaceful, happy, healthy and sustainable for everyone. This is because the power source for Dream Setting is your gifts. Remember, a gift is something you’re good at that makes you and other people happy when you use it. Using your gifts as you pursue your dreams will benefit everyone and our planet.

While you’re reading all of this, I hope you’re thinking about your own life and what you’d like to change or experience. I want to be clear. I am a drummer. I am not a self-help guru. I also don’t proclaim to have the solutions to your life challenges, only you have those. I wrote this book because, I REALLY want you to experience the most fulfilling life possible using your gifts and help heal our World. My message is clear: It’s now or never to save ourselves from self-destruction. NEW LIFE. NEW WORLD. NOW.

For environmental reasons, I released Gifted only in e-book and audio book format. You can purchase Gifted here on this page in PDF (e-book) and MP3 (audio book) formats or through one of the major retailers at the links below. The Worksheets that accompany the book are available below for FREE!


6 POWERFUL STEPS TO LIVE THE MOST INCREDIBLE LIFE YOU CAN IMAGINE (PDF Format) After payment is received, PDF file will be emailed to you within 24 hours.



6 POWERFUL STEPS TO LIVE THE MOST INCREDIBLE LIFE YOU CAN IMAGINE (MP3 Format) After payment is received, MP3 files will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


Gifted PDF & MP3 Bundle

6 POWERFUL STEPS TO LIVE THE MOST INCREDIBLE LIFE YOU CAN IMAGINE (PDF & MP3 Format) After payment is received, PDF and MP3 files will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


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Check out the audio book sample above, get the book and shoot me an email with any questions. REALLY, SEND ME THAT EMAIL! vonbaron@vonbaronmusic.com

Something I learned along my journey is, You can’t have something you’ve never had until you do something you’ve never done! Gifted is a reasonably priced, short and easy read that can only make your life and our World better! Thanks for reading! –Von

Von Baron is a professional entertainer and composer living in the metropolitan Kobe area of Japan.

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Gifted Testimonials

I was going through a rough patch in my life and was agonizing over moving to another state.  I spoke to Von and he suggested I read his book “Gifted.”  What a gift it was!!!   Von’s book made me analyze my life in a completely refreshing way and it gave me the clarity I needed to see through the negativity in my life.  I leave for Washington next month!   If there is one gift to give yourself, it is this book.  Your life will change for the better!

-Arlene F.

This is the best book that I have ever read on goal setting. Held your interest and was concise and clearly written. I would love to attend one of his seminars after reading this book!

-Teresa W.

Not only is Gifted easy and quick reading, but I felt like you were talking to me!  You don’t belabor your ideas but instead say it and move on to the next.  I like that!  I’m probably like most folks with a super busy life.  You hooked me in and I’m already thinking about how I might take my family thru this process and share it with friends.  I can’t wait to sit down and do the fun work!  Your book instills a confidence in the process and myself!

-Keri S.