The Magna Cart is THE hand truck for drummers to move their gear. It’s sturdy, lightweight and compact. I have the two and four-wheeled models and they make my drum set transport a breeze.

My first hand truck for drumming

Let’s talk about drum gear schlepping. It’s no joke. We drummers have to transport heavy gear to and from our gigs. Our hand truck can really make or break our backs, arms and hands.

Over the years, I’ve owned numerous drum set carts. When I was at Berklee in the early 1990’s, I had one the local hardware store sold. Most of the drummers at the school had the same cart.

It had one flaw that soon made it impossible to use. The small wheels in the front were made of plastic. As you can imagine, wheeling my drums around the Berklee campus, inside and outside of buildings quickly tore up those wheels.

An upgraded hand truck for drumming

Fast forward to my time in Hawaii in the early 2000’s. I bought the Rock N’ Roller Multi-Cart from a local drum shop. All of my musician friends were using it and the large rear wheels were fantastic. The front wheels were stronger than my Berklee cart and covered with rubber. Even so, they too wore out and needed to be replaced.

The Rock N’ Roller Multi-Cart.

Another problem with this cart were the handles to steer the cart. They were (and still are) essentially metal bars with no comfort grips. Aside from being uncomfortable moving up and down street curbs, the cart was also difficult and painful to make tight turns.

Along came the Magna Cart

One day I was heading to a gig in Osaka and spotted another drummer with a two-wheeled hand truck made of metal. I asked him about it. He told me it was the Magna Cart and said he really liked it.

The two-wheeled Magna Cart is sturdy, lightweight and compact.
The Magna Cart folding hand truck.

At that time I was using another two-wheeled hand truck with a plastic handle that broke easily. I actually went through 2 of those hand trucks in less than a year! Seeing the other drummer’s sturdy metal hand truck got me excited to check out the Magna Cart.

That night when I got home after my gig, I looked it up on Amazon. I could see that it was not only sturdy but also would collapse nicely to fit into tight spaces. I ordered it.

When it came, I was impressed with its lightweight design. I immediately began using it to carry my cymbals, snare drum, kick pedal and stick bag to gigs.

My Magna Cart folding hand truck loaded with my drum gear.
My Magna Cart folding hand truck on the way to a gig.

The two-wheeled hand truck worked so great, I soon bought the four-wheeled platform model to carry my entire compact drum set to gigs. Like the two-wheeled model, the larger hand truck is very sturdy, lightweight and compact.

The platform Magna Cart is ideal for hauling a full compact sized drum set.
The Magna Cart folding platform truck.

The nice thing about both of these models is the durability of the wheels. In the 3-4 years since I’ve purchased them, the wheels are still as good as new. I take them by train all over Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto without any issues whatsoever.

Here’s an affiliate link to the two-wheeled model hand truck I use. Here’s an affiliate link to the platform model hand truck. Buying through my links is an easy way to support my drumming blog. Thank you! 🤙

My Magna Cart folding platform hand truck loaded with my compact drum set.
My Magna Cart folding platform hand truck on the way to a gig.

The Magna Cart is easy on the hands

The gum rubber grip covering on both the two-wheeled and platform models is comfortable. They make both hand trucks easy to maneuver.

I have to push my carts through train stations, on sidewalks, through malls and on roads. Sometimes I have to walk long distances with my carts too. Anywhere for any amount of time, my Magna Cart hand trucks don’t wear out my hands or arms.

Store your hand truck anywhere

When I get my drums set up, I then look for a place to store my drum set cases and Magna Cart. Both the two-wheeled and platform versions fold up flat. They can literally slide into tight spaces for storage while you’re on the gig.

This is very convenient in smaller clubs that don’t really have a green room or a dedicated space for instrument cases. When it’s collapsed it also gives me more storage options at home.

Where I store my Magna Cart folding platform hand truck at home.
Where I store my Magna Cart folding hand truck at home.

Magna carts are a drummer’s friend

Having the right hand truck won’t wear out your arms before your gig. As drummers, we need all of our arm strength for playing. If our arms get tired transporting our drums it can really affect our playing.

Magna Cart wheels are consistently smooth and very easy to turn. For this reason, my arms never get tired moving my drums to the gig. The wheels are also incredibly durable and haven’t shown any signs of wear or tear after going to 100’s of gigs.

Put your money on the Magna Cart

Whether you’re a drummer, keyboard player, guitarist, bassist or sound tech, Magna Carts are a great investment for your music business. They’re reliable, well-built and not too expensive.

If you are looking for a cart that will last you a long time and get your gear to the gig with ease, I highly recommend the Magna Cart folding hand truck and the Magna Cart folding platform hand truck.

Always wishing you good gigs! Keep swinging!

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