Listen to some of the most popular songs from Pangaea:

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A time when the earth was one continent and made us forever, one people.

It puts me in a very happy, joyous place that enlightens, calms, and soothes me. I can relax and also have peace of mind.  Sharing your heart and soul through your music is just beautiful and what we need today. Thank you again for making life at ease.

Amy K.

The mood is energizing yet soothing — a seeming contradiction, but it’s evident from the first song that he intends this music to be heard and appreciated rather than serve as ambient filler.

Article by John Berger — Honolulu Star Bulletin

It is really nice listening to music (especially at work) that can just take you away from your desk and make you feel like you’re in a much nicer place. Thank you!

Yvonne T.

I have been playing Pangaea in the operating room while I perform cataract surgery. Both patients and staff have commented how much they enjoyed listening to the music and how it enhanced the operating room environment. Patients were able to relax fully listening to the music, and the surgeries went smoothly.

Jon Portis, M.D.

“Pangaea” will bring listeners to a calm station where they can relax and relapse into a soothing state of cognizance with no worries.

Article by Sari N. Kent — The Celebrity Cafe

My favorite is actually “Fiesta Del Mundo” (Celebration of the World) which starts off with a “wicka wicka” DJ style, which is kind of unconventional and different for a New Age CD. It also uses a lot of instruments that you would normally see in a Jazz setting at work in this song, including trumpets and saxophone.

Article by Vu Nguyen — We Heart Music

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