This is my first solo show. I’ll be playing drums and singing some of my favorite songs with some beautiful backing tracks I created. I have been singing since high school but never thought of myself as a singer. Since I recently started singing again, I feel more joy and a deeper connection with music when I perform. It feels so good! Please join me for a special evening of music and some surprises too!

Von Baron Band at Takatsuki Jazz Street 2018

Von Baron Bandが高槻ジャズストリートで演奏するという私の夢は、多くの方々の大変な努力と貢献のおかげで実現しました!私達のショーの為にリハーサルと準備に時間を費やしてくれた並外れた才あるバンドメンバー、観に足を運んでくれたファンの皆様や友達、そして高槻ジャズストリートのスタッフの方々、ありがとうございました!そしてChristopher Knottさん、あなたのライブミュージックへの献身とサポートに深く感謝しています!

My dream for the Von Baron Band to perform at Takatsuki Jazz Street became a reality because of the hard work and dedication of many people! I want to thank my exceptionally gifted musicians for their hours of rehearsal and preparation for our show, to the fans and friends who came out to see us, to our wonderful tip collecting friends, to the skilled and professional staff of Takatsuki Jazz Street and a very special thanks to Christopher Knott for your dedication and support of live music!

Music adds color to sound.