drums for beginners

Taking the Plunge…

My drum students are some of the most courageous people I know. As we approach the eve of our Winter drum recitals (Feb. 10th and 11th), 34 of them are preparing to drum from [...]

6 Degrees of Separation….or less

Happy 2016 and I hope your year is off to a superb beginning! I was marinating on the concept of Social Media today and had this revelation (I'm sure I'm not the first) that the [...]

Illuminate The Season With Love!

Aloha my friend! I wanted to share some really neat photos from my recent trip to Hirsoshima, Japan. I just love what they were able to do with Christmas lights. It's called the Hiroshima Illumination. [...]

How can drumming change your life?

I hope as you read this, you are having a terrific day wherever you are in the World. In 15 + years of teaching hundreds of drum students, I have learned much about the human [...]

From Mr. T to Non-Surfing Boyfriends

One of my heroes from childhood. I just found The A-Team on Netflix. "I love it when a plan comes together." On the Hawaii News Now morning show. Waiting for their cue. [...]

Let’s Make Some Noise!

Hey it's Kapono Beamer! I was in a recording session with he and Gerhard Narholz from Sonoton at Island Sound Studios. It's always so wonderful to work with Kapono. In addition to his musical [...]

Life and Music in Hawaii

  This place never gets any less beautiful! Are you sure we should eat here? Coconuts anyone? View from one of my gigs! Playing music gets me into [...]

Japan Trip 2014

Aloha and I hope your September was filled with warm memories that will last a lifetime. I just returned from my trip to Japan performing with the legendary Jazz clarinetist Yoshimas Kasai and an all-star [...]

On the road again…

Aloha and I hope you have had a chance to relax this August before the hustle and bustle of the Fall season begins! I recently traveled to Kansas City and Springfield, MO and Seattle, WA [...]

Mentors, Music and Misc…

Aloha! I hope you are enjoying the summer and getting some rest and relaxation. I wanted to share some more pictures from my recent life and some very special moments I happened to be fortunate [...]

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