Taking the Plunge…

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My drum students are some of the most courageous people I know. As we approach the eve of our Winter drum recitals (Feb. 10th and 11th), 34 of them are preparing to drum from the heart.
Even though we may be afraid, it’s almost as if a kind of “Force Awakens” inside telling us, “You need to do this!”

Each of the 34 students who will perform do so because they care about drumming and their excitement for drumming is greater than their fear of failure.

This is the call that 34 of my students will heed on Wednesday and Thursday night at 6:30pm at Iolani School. It’s a kind of drumming destiny!

My students’ drive to learn drums has inspired me immeasurably over the past 15 years. After teaching tens of thousands of drum lessons, they have given ME the courage to take the plunge and expand my teaching online.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Let’s get ready for some drumming FUN! Hope to see you at the recitals!


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