Now that we are all moving most of our business online, the search for the best web hosting service is on. COVID-19 has changed the world of business forever and the Digital Age just got a huge push forward.

In June of this year, I created 4 new websites! Yes that’s right 4 websites! This site, was the first one I made. After 33 years of professional drumming, I wanted to share the things that helped me improve, my drumming, my drumming business and my health.

To get started, I began looking at various web hosting plans. Web hosting is the service that stores all of your website files on a computer. That computer is then always connected to the Internet so people can view your content 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Google search “the best web hosting”

I did a Google search for “the best web hosting for WordPress.” The hosting service that appeared the most in my searches was Bluehost. It was recommended by various vlogs, blogs and YouTube video blog tutorials. So, I gave Bluehost a try….BIG MISTAKE!!!

I have since come to understand that Bluehost has a very generous affiliate marketing payout. If a person recommends Bluehost in a blog and you sign up through their link, they are paid very well for the sell. I think this may be why so many people are recommending Bluehost.

Please pay close attention to what I share in this post, if you are looking into creating an artist website, blog or online store. I don’t want you to be deceived like I was. For all of your web hosting needs, I recommend you go with SiteGround Web Hosting services. You will clearly understand why after reading my story.

Bluehost nightmare – What’s not the best web hosting service

I have used for my website for years. Due to’s limitations on plugins, monetizing and other things, I wanted to design my new websites with is stable, flexible and by far the most popular blogging platform out there.

Unlike, does not include a built-in hosting service. So, I looked for a hosting plan that would allow me seamlessly design and operate my websites on

As I said before, Bluehost was highly recommended so I happily signed up for their hosting plan. I bought my domain, paid for my inexpensive shared web hosting plan and set up my website. That’s when the nightmare began.

Down time is a downer

For starters, almost 50% of the time, my site was down. That means, no one could see it. It was offline. I had never experienced that before so I thought I had done something wrong. So I then contacted Bluehost tech support through their chat dialogue window.

I was told that I was on a shared hosting plan and that my site was on the same server (computer) as dozens of other websites. So when another site had many visitors, my site’s priority level dropped. This would then take my site offline to use the server resources for the other more popular sites.

Wait for it….the upsell

So what do you think the solution was? Well, of course, pay for better plan. Okay, so I did it. I went from inexpensive to medium expensive and guess what? It didn’t work! I was still getting kicked off by other websites on the same server.

Another issue I was facing was the insanely slow loading of my website. I was also dealing with the same delay in saving edits and uploading media to my website. Yes I had a couple of high-resolution photos but nothing design-wise that would cause such a slow load. I mean, I could literally go and make a cup of tea while I was waiting.

I contacted tech support again and this time they said I should have my own dedicated IP address. If I had a dedicated IP address, things would run 30% faster and I wouldn’t have so much down time.

Okay, so I paid for yet another upgrade. Now I was paying for an expensive hosting plan and guess what? My downtime was improved a tiny bit but my site was still insanely slow.

Bait and switch

I learned later from SiteGround that a dedicated IP address would not increase my loading speed so Bluehost was also telling me the wrong information. This was presumably to get me to upgrade.

Have you ever heard of a bait and switch? This is when someone lures you into buy something at a cheap price only to redirect you to a higher priced product or service. Used car dealers are famous for using this sales tactic.

Bluehost tech support are masters at the upsell. They baited me with the low price hosting and gradually switched me to the higher priced hosting. I later found countless reviews of Bluehost from very unhappy customers like me. Many people sharing a similar experience.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Bluehost’s chat support app. I estimated that 80% of my chats were cut off abruptly due to the Bluehost support chat app crashing. I’m sure you can imagine my frustration in trying to fix issues with my web hosting and not getting the help I needed. So much for tech “support.”

I do want to note that Bluehost was really good about one thing, the refund. They processed my refund quickly and I didn’t loose any money. The thing I did loose though, was one week of my life. For me, time is exponentially more valuable than money!

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SiteGround Heaven! – The best web hosting

Well, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I searched for other hosting companies and found SiteGround. This is when my nightmare ended!

From day one SiteGround’s technical support has been incredible. 100% of the time they have solved my issues and they solved them FAST! Their chat support app is the boss and it has never crashed.

The tech support staff are always courteous, informative and have NEVER tried to upsell. The reason for no upsell or bait and switch is simple. THEIR SERVICE AND PRICING IS ALREADY GREAT!


So with SiteGround, I have almost 100% UPTIME! That means that people can actually see my website any time of the day everyday. EVERY web hosting provider experiences some amount of downtime. With SiteGround this is very minimal. For example, in the past two months, I have had my site go down 1 time. It was then up again within a few minutes. That ain’t bad folks!

The need for speed

All of my websites on SiteGround including, and this website are BLAZING fast in the editing and updating process. There are no delays in loading, uploading files or saving design changes.

Like Bluehost, SiteGround also uses shared hosting but they said the way they do it is so much different than Bluehost. I’m not a tech savvy person so I can’t explain the ins and outs of it. If it keeps you up at night, I’m sure they can explain it to you though when you sign up. 😉 The bottom line is, SiteGround’s servers allow every customer to have fast loading times.

Their plans are also very reasonably priced. I am currently on the “Go Geek” plan at only $14.95 per month. That allows me unlimited websites and storage! Holy cow!

My recommendation – Be happy

The price, less than one 10th of a percent down time, the speed, and technical support make SiteGround a slam dunk for being the best hosting service on the market. If you sign up for SiteGround web hosting by clicking on a SiteGround link in this post, I will get a little commission from the transaction. That will help so much to keep this blog growing and supporting passionate drummers like you! THANK YOU!

I do want to mention also, that I only recommend drumming business products that meet 2 criteria:

  1. I use it personally and it has helped me with my business
  2. I think it will really help you too.

SiteGround easily meets both of those criteria. Using SiteGround makes me HAPPY and I want you to be happy too! YEAH!

So, I recommend you to create any website, blog or online store with WordPress using SiteGround as your web hosting provider. You will be soooooo glad you did! Thanks so much for reading and KEEP ON DRUMMIN’!

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