The Forgotten Band Member

We always think of musicians as being band members but there are other band members we often overlook, the fans. 

In my early 20’s, I was very lucky to work with two great performers, Primo Kim in Seattle and Jimmy Borges in Hawaii. Both of these performers were outstanding vocalists and communicators. On breaks between sets of music, they would be out talking to audience members and each person they talked to would feel at that moment, like he or she was the most important person in the World. 

Primo Kim

Primo and Jimmy could connect through music and conversation in a way that made people fans for life. These same fans came to see them perform week after week. Their fans really became a part of the band and spread the word about upcoming shows.  I always watched in amazement as Primo and Jimmy would talk to the audience. They didn’t talk to fans because they had to, they did it because they loved to! 

Jimmy Borges

When I perform a show, I almost always take time to talk to audience members, learn about them and thank them for coming. I think this human connection is very important and makes the concert experience so much more enjoyable for the audience. After all, we wouldn’t have a show if it wasn’t for our awesome fans who come to hear us and support our artistic pursuits! 

Akemi and Shinichiro Seki with me

To my fans, I thank you from my heart and appreciate you being a part of my band. I will continue to work hard to make you feel energized at all of my shows. I am grateful we are on this journey together. 

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