You Are Gifted!

Live the life that you are meant to live!

This is a picture of Von when he was 10. He didn’t really enjoy the saxophone too much but it was a great introduction to music which inspired him to later take up drumming!

In addition to being a professional musician, drum instructor and composer, Von Baron is a personal life coach and passionate motivational speaker. His own personal transformation began when he learned the power of goal setting and grew Von Baron Music in six months to a level where he could leave a job he had been in for ten years!

Von Baron came to realize just how much more powerful goal setting is both personally and professionally, when we use our unique gifts to pursue a dream that we earnestly want to come true.  Our gifts are things we’re good at that benefit both ourselves and others when we use them.  Any dream powered by our gifts is a dream that will make the world a better place for “we” and not just “me”.

With his incredibly simple yet powerful 6-step process, von Baron teaches you how to use your unique gifts and make your rock star dreams come true. Von Baron’s Dream Setting™ has worked wonders with high school students, college students, and adults from all walks of life.

Dream Setting™ picks you up where you are in life and takes you where you want to go. It’s a lot like jumping on your band’s tour bus with the most direct route to your next concert destination. The only difference is that you’re the driver!

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