Warning: Playing Loud Music? Get These Drummer Ear Plugs

Drummer ear plugs may “sound” like a music buzz kill topic. Normally using ear plugs when we play drums is a TOTAL buzz kill. We go from feeling every note to listening to music like it’s coming from the other side of a concrete wall.

Well, in this article, I’m going to share about some amazing drummer ear plugs that have transformed my live and recording studio performing experience. I no longer have to suffer through loud music just to hear and feel the music naturally.

No drummer ear plugs

When I was at Berklee College of Music in the early 1990’s, I was playing in big bands with no ear plugs. When you’ve got 15+ horns consistently screaming in your ears with loud cymbal crashes and snare hits, it takes a toll. I started to notice that my ears were getting sensitive to loud noises.

I didn’t think too much about it at the time but even to this day I am sensitive to loud noises in particular frequencies. It’s like how fingernails on the chalkboard drives some people crazy.

Cheap drummer ear plugs

For years, I used foam ear plugs. I learned to take the cylindrical foam ear plugs and cut them in half. They were less visible on gigs and didn’t make everything really fuzzy sounding like the full foam ear plug would.

The foam drummer ear plugs are good but they cut out too much of the high and mid frequencies of the music.

These were my go-to ear plugs for any loud musical situation I found myself in. For years I had thought about getting molded ear plugs through an audiologist. These were expensive but hey, my hearing is priceless ya?

One concern I had though, was loosing one or both of the earplugs. Then I’d have to get a replacement set and since they aren’t cheap, it just seemed like more financial investment than I wanted to make. I continued to use my foam ear plugs.

The best ear plugs for drummers

About 4 years ago, I went on Amazon and searched for decibel cutting ear plugs. I was finally ready for ear plugs that turned the volume down across all frequencies. Like turning the volume down in your headphones.

The problem with the foam ear plugs is that they cut the high and mid-range frequencies and leave a lot of the low-end frequencies. I was tired of loosing the feeling of the music when I put in my foam earplugs.

Bingo! I found some that looked promising. They had a funny name though, so I wasn’t sure I would get them. They were called Eargasm Earplugs. What a silly name. At any rate, they weren’t too expensive, less than $50 at the time. I needed ear protection for drumming so I ordered them. I still use them to this day.

Ear protection for musicians

The Eargasm ear plugs turn the volume down. They cut frequencies across the board so you get a true decibel reduction. A huge step up from foam ear plugs indeed.

All musicians, not only drummers, will enjoy using these ear plugs. The music sounds natural and actually makes it easier to hear the detail of each instrument more clearly.

Eargasm drummer ear plugs simply turn down the volume.
My Eargasm ear plugs. 5 years and still going strong!

When I wear them, I often forget to take them out when I’m on break between sets of music. That’s because they’re pretty darn comfortable and they don’t distort sound.

Many times, I’ve been talking to a customer at one of my shows and forgot that I even had them in my ears! They feel and sound that natural.

The Eargasm design

Eargasm ear plugs are silicone with a removable noise filter. This is important for regular cleaning of the silicone. The silicone also adds to the comfort and is effective at sealing the ear canal to ensure all sound travels through the filter. There are two sizes of silicone plugs included with each pack, small and regular.

These are great ear plugs for drummers because they are discrete. People hardly notice them because of the clear design. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of huge orange or yellow foam ear plugs sticking out of my ears on gigs.

I think drummer ear plugs should also be discrete.

I generally use them on loud gigs. When I put them in, something amazing happens. At first a loud gig just sounds like a wall of sound. When I insert my Eargasm ear plugs, I can hear the definition of each instrument and vocal part.

It’s like taking a muddy music mix and cleaning it up. This, of course, makes it a whole lot easier to play with other musicians and then I don’t overplay my dynamics.

Eargasm ear plugs actually help me achieve greater dynamic control in my drumming. Another benefit of these super earplugs. Playing with foam ear plugs though, actually has the opposite effect. I tend to play louder.

One final thing that makes these ear plugs great is the metal carrying case that comes with them. It’s incredibly sturdy and attaches nicely to a keychain.

My product reviews

I only review products I use and have worked really well for me for some time. Part of the mission of this blog is to help you improve your drumming health. Hearing is definitely part of our drumming health. I wanted to share about the Eargasm ear plugs because I believe they will protect your hearing like they have protected mine.

I’m sharing affiliate links in this article. Buying through me is a convenient way to get your ear plugs and an easy way to support this blog. Thank you πŸ€™

Listening gets you more gigs

In another blog post I talk about the power of listening to help get you more drumming gigs. Well the key point here, is that we need to be able to hear. I can’t tell you how many musicians I’ve played with that can’t hear so good. It really affects their playing.

If your hearing is getting more sensitive, you are hearing ringing in your ears, or can’t hear soft noises, I strongly encourage you to have your hearing checked. I also encourage all drummers with damaged or pristine hearing to get hearing protection.

Conclusion – Best hearing protection

So, are you’re tired of foam and other cheap ear plugs? Not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on difficult-to-replace ear plugs? Give the Eargasm ear plugs a try. Whether you’re a drummer or other musician, I really think you’ll like them.

Our hearing is the most important sense we have for playing drums. If we loose it, we loose our ability to play. Even if you don’t get these ear plugs, find the best hearing protection for your ears. Give yourself many more years of banging on those drums.

Hear well and KEEP ON DRUMMIN’! -Von

What ear plugs do you use when you play drums?

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