I have a 25% rule that helps get me lots of drum gigs. When I’m performing, I try to play only 25% of the drumming ideas that come into my mind. When I was young, I would literally play 100% of my ideas when performing with others. That was some pretty crazy drumming! If I … Read more

Von Baron Santa Band Show!

Last night was another wonderful Von Baron Band show at Cafe Make in Osaka! I am so grateful for my amazing musicians, enthusiastic audience and supportive live house! The music was powerful, energetic and fun! Everyone who came, sang, danced and had a great time.

I surprised everyone at the second set by wearing my Santa costume and sang “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”.

We even got my friend Masako Moriura to come and sing! She always sounds wonderful! Another fan and friend Yukari Fujimura came up to help me teach the dance to my new song “I Love Japan.”

It was such a special night and I’m really happy everyone had a great time! I am grateful and always feel so lucky to perform in Japan! I love Japan!

Hope to see you at our next show on Saturday 3/2 19:30 at Cafe Make!

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