The drum throne cushion is the most important piece of equipment to support your back. If your drum throne is too hard or too soft, it can lead to lots of spine and muscle problems.

During my 35 years of playing drums, I have used many different drum thrones. A drum throne is basically a fancy name for a drum chair. I have tried thrones that supposedly allow your spine to “float.” I used thrones shaped like a saddle that were supposed to be good for your legs to move more freely. You name it, I’ve tried it.

Tree Trunk Cushion
Roc n’ Sock Drum Throne
Gibraltar Drum Throne
Carmichael Drum Throne

All of these thrones still caused me back and upper leg pain after a typical 2-3 hour gig. It wasn’t until I discovered the Egg Sitter cushion, that my pain went away. No, this isn’t an infomercial. It’s important information for your drumming career.

What’s an “Egg Sitter” drum throne cushion?

The Egg Sitter can be used as a very effective drum throne cushion.

For starters, the “Egg Sitter” cushion is not designed as a drum throne cushion. It is designed to be used on any chair to support your spine. It was sold originally with a gimmicky informercial saying you wouldn’t break an egg if you sat on it. I’m not sure who would try to sit on an egg with this cushion but that was their schtick.

It was then sold in those tacky “As Seen On TV” shops. I told my aunt and mother that I was experiencing back pain on my gigs. Seriously, I almost couldn’t stand up at the end of a set! They then recommended the Egg Sitter to me.

Using my Egg Sitter drum throne cushion

Well, believe it or not, IT WORKED! Unlike most things you see on infomercials, this thing actually did what they said it would. I simply place it on top of any drum throne I sit on and voilà, no pain. The Egg Sitter has improved my back health and gigging is no problem! Holy macaroni!

Von Baron’s Egg Sitter Cushion Pic 1
Von Baron’s Egg Sitter Cushion Pic 2
Von Baron’s Egg Sitter Cushion Pic 3
Von Baron’s Egg Sitter Cushion Pic 4

I have used the Egg Sitter for about 2 years. I recommend this product because I know it will make a difference in your drumming and in your life. I have to say that without the egg sitter, I probably wouldn’t be gigging.

Here's Von Baron's Egg Sitter drum throne cushion in action at a gig.
Here is my Egg Sitter in action at a recent gig.

Your back needs your support

I’m not sure if you read about Phil Collins’ struggle with back pain caused from drumming. He said his posture was so bad that after years of wear and tear, he could no longer play. It has been an extremely difficult physical and emotional struggle for him.

I too have a bad back in part because of years of poor posture in general. This of course, includes time behind the drums. I have to see a chiropractor, massage therapist and sleep on a special air mattress to keep my back in check.

Von Baron using his Egg Sitter drum throne cushion.
At a recent video recording session.

My advise to you at whatever your age, is to practice good posture, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and get the Egg Sitter. It’s never too late to start and you’ll be so glad you did. You’ve only got one spine so I suggest you care for it as much as possible.

Wrapping up

I want the very best for you my fellow drummer. I wish you to have no pain when you play. I also hope for you to play as many gigs as you desire. I know now, how important good posture and proper spine support are for drumming.

I wish I knew this starting out. At least I learned it before it was too late! I don’t want it to be too late for you my friend. Please pay attention to your back. If you are feeling pain or numbness in your back, legs or arms, it’s time to get seek some professional medical help.

“No pain, no gain” doesn’t apply here. Aside from muscle pain like after you lift weights, any other pain is counter-productive and harmful. Keep relaxed when you play, sit up straight, do your crunches, get the Egg Sitter and KEEP ON DRUMMIN’!

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