The Best Low Volume Cymbals

The Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are the best on the market.

What are low volume cymbals?

Low volume cymbals are cymbals that are a lot more quiet than a regular drumming cymbal. When I started playing drums there were no low volume cymbals.

If I wanted to practice drums in my apartment, my only option was to put rubber mutes on all of my cymbals. Have you ever played those? They sound is pretty awful.

Fast forward 30 years and FINALLY, they are here! Drum practice cymbals that give a real feel and sound. In this article, I’m going to share about my Zildjian low volume L80 cymbals and why I think they are great for your drum practice too.

Zildjian Low Volume L80 Cymbals

The Zildjian Low Volume L80 Cymbals are Zildjian’s line of quiet practice drum cymbals. The first time I first played my Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals, I knew they were a game changer.

For the millions of drummers around the World who live in apartments, these cymbals are a Godsend. The tone and feel are like real cymbals because THEY ARE REAL CYMBALS! Only one thing is different, the volume is turned down 80%!!!

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are the best drum practice cymbals.

Product promotion

Those of you who know me, know that I only promote products that:

  1. I use and really find helpful for my drumming
  2. I think will help you too

The Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals meet both of these criteria.

Even the hi-hat low volume cymbals sound and feel great.

Why the best low volume cymbals?

With the other practice cymbals on the market, why do I feel that these are the best low volume cymbals? These cymbals sound and feel great!

They are like someone turned the cymbal volume knob down from 10 to 2. When I practice, the real feel of the Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals prepare me for playing full volume cymbals on the gig.

I can play these cymbals almost any time of the day in my home and still have peace with my neighbors. They also blend well dynamically with my quiet drum practice setup. See the video below for my practice drum set where I also feature these cymbals starting at 10:48.

Low volume cymbal pack

I purchased my Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals in a cymbal pack. I think this is also the best option for you. It saves you money over buying cymbals individually and gives you the best value for your money.

The cymbal pack comes with a ride cymbal, crash cymbal and hi-hats. That’s pretty much everything you need to get swinging right out of the box.

One really nice surprise is how great they sound with brushes. Cymbal scrapes (See the video above) are one of the most important drum brushes sounds. With the Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals, I can get clean cymbal scrapes for practicing Jazz ballads.

Since I live in a house close to other houses (previously in an apartment), I do most of my practicing with my Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals. I occasionally use them for my Zoom drum lessons. They sound and look great for making videos too.

Here is the affiliate link to these great cymbals. Buying through me is a convenient way to get your cymbals and an easy way to support this blog. Thank you πŸ€™

Any style of drumming is okay

It doesn’t matter what style of music you like to play. Maybe you play many styles like me. The Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbals will help you get your practice done. With these cymbals, every practice session will be satisfying and prepare you for playing real gigs.

The weight and thickness of the cymbals also helps with uptempo Jazz drumming practice too. If you’ve ever tried uptempo Jazz ride playing on a padded or electronic trigger cymbal, you’ll quickly realize just how incredible these cymbals feel in comparison.

Even when I bash on these cymbals (I mean, really hit them hard), the volume is always controlled. It’s like putting a limiter on your cymbals and reducing the volume by 80%. It’s really great.

Check out my article on the importance of drum practice for your drumming career. My article about how to use goal setting to super charge your practice is another powerful one too.

Check out their sound in the video below about the most important drum fill for drum brushes. For this video, I used a Sure SM-57 mic on the snare and a Sure SM-58 mic as an overhead and speaking mic. I used no EQ or compression so you’ll be able to hear the natural sound of these cymbals.

Check out my Brushes Mastery Course and learn everything you need to make drumming with brushes a solid part of your playing.


So for me, this is where the rubber meets the road with drum gear. How much something costs almost always influences whether or not I buy it. For something this amazing and revolutionary, I actually thought they would cost $500!

The fact that they were so useful and effective for my drum practice AND they cost a lot less than that. This made me feel so great about my purchase.

Buying the Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbal pack will really make you feel like you’re getting value for your money.


If you live in a place where noise volume is a consideration, I HIGHLY recommend getting the Zildjian Low Volume L80 cymbal pack. You’ll be able to prepare for your gigs and improve your drumming with these cymbals.

The build quality, sound, feel and price are all perfect. No matter what style of drumming you do, I feel you simply can’t go wrong with these low volume cymbals.

I wish you the very best in your drumming. I hope this article helps you to create a powerful drum practice setup for your home.

What cymbals do you use for your drum practice?

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